The hull of a sailing boat is the pivot point of the whole project, when the hull is spot-on most of the job is done!

In Ice Yachts we think that a winning hull has to enclose two essential concepts: the development of design waterlines, allowing for exceptional performances, and “leading” construction technologies, for a stiff and light shell.
Only a shipyard with a strong technical know how, that is founded on numerous yachts built, and on people of great experience, has the chance to be leading the way and can build outstanding boats among their similar.

A 360 degrees view of our product is fundamental to conceive and realize it using the best of our past experience and renewing and improving the concept, boat after boat.

Ice Yachts, in tandem with Fleci Yacht Design, has proved over the years to envisage and bring to reality winning boats. All built according to the following qualities:

A Hull that is fast and seaworthy.
All round hulls, fast in all headings, in strong or light winds.
Elegant boats and up to date lines that don’t lose their appeal over the years.
Hulls made out of Epoxy resin and Carbon-hybrid fibres, vacuum infused, to offer toughness and lightness without giving away on comfort.
The attention and engineering of structural stiffeners, directly laminated, one by one, under vacuum, in order to guaranty a boat of excellent qualities.

The deck G.A. designed to perform at its best today, while racing, or tomorrow, along a comfortable cruise.
Lifting Keel is an essential choice for boats longer than 60 feet; allowing superior performances and safety, while ensuring access to most of the bays and moorings with a reasonable draft.

Hulls built to sail across Oceans, for boat owners that don’t limit to their navigation range.
Over all we build hulls to make you dream while sailing, fast and safe, and to be admired once at the dock, in any marina.

Our Mission: To produce boats on which our owners can sail as many miles as possible, cruising or racing, with safety and comfort but especially with high VMG.