ICE 62 Interiors


The interior areas, spacious and comfortable, are available in various precious woods to suit the owner’s tastes and are elegant yet practical.
From start to finish the greatest care has been given to all details on board so that they might unite functionality and aesthetics.

Interior solutions




Thanks to the various technologies used, such as weight-lightened panels, a great deal of load has been saved compared to traditional materials but not to the detriment of quality woodwork or the excellence of all-important details.
The systems are complete and are supplied by the best makers on the market today; heating, air-conditioning and domotics systems are also available.
Wide, bright lacquered surfaces recall the typical concept of internal style, seeking that modern essence of simplicity which makes them absolutely contemporary.
The owner may choose between the various layouts available; there are three bathrooms, a spacious dinette with a roomy galley and large pantry, there is a choice of three or four lavishly appointed cabins, as well as the crew’s cabin in the bow.