ICE 72 Interiors


The interior lay out are proposed in some different lay out.
In any one of these interior versions the classic mood is mixed with many modern and elegant details and with the modern technology of the way all the furniture and all the details are built.
The research to optimize and to keep the weight as low as possible have driven the shipyard technician to adopt the extensive use of light and rigid sandwich panels, finished with the most precious veneers or eventually clear lacquered to give more brightness at the interior spaces.
The study of the most personal internal lay out it is one of the most interesting characteristics that Yachts 2000 is capable to offer to his clients.
The shipyard, thanks to his experience and thanks to the contribution of Felci Yachts Design office, constantly involved in the development of all the Yachts under production, is capable to offer the most different internal solutions and to obtain a final product in line with this unique and luxury production.