Ice Yacht’s interiors are designed accordingly the driving concepts of design, space management, practicability of on-board life and comfort.

Details, finishing touch and utilised woods are the best that the market can offer. To achieve so, we are constantly researching on the latest products available.

We do offer a neo-classic look, balancing between teak, which represents tradition and gets carved with horizontal grains, modern design elements, clear colours, for ceilings and lateral panels, or Plexiglas windows.

Marquetry’s details are made of leather “testa di moro”, embellishing tables and furniture.

Within the toilet room, sinks are made out of carbon or, where the shower box is implanted, with a carbon insert.

The walking panels, made out of teak, are machined to resemble a parquet of significant dimensions.

The shipyard also offers an alternative style, where the Scandinavian input for light colours is merged to Italian design. By whitening the essence of the wood, a even more luminous interior is achieved. The concept is developed in collaboration with our Swedish dealer.

The capabilities of our artisans and the flexibility of the Ice Yachts Technical Team and Feci Yacht Design permits to study and choose any new material that fits our clients’ tastes.