Onboard system


On-board systems are fundamental components of all sailing yachts, allowing for manoeuvrability, navigation and any other functionality.

There is two important phases, the choice of components to assemble and the modality of assembly.
Within the choice of components, years of experience and applied utilization are fundamental to define the real operational quality of the latest.

Ice yachts puts great effort in the research and selection of all on board accessorises and components, continuously looking in-to the market latest offers.

Designing and assembling of all the systems is extremely relevant on the success of our Yachts. We do analyse where to put all the components and how to access them, as they will need to be serviced in the future.

Everything needs to be accessible in the easiest way possible, the connections along the boat will need to be well planned and rationally laid.

Experience and know-how allow us to create efficient and reliable systems. Our artisanal production methods, that are free of thousands of big and small moulds, permit to create that kind of accessibility, not achievable by the models available on the market nowadays.