The ICE YACHTS boat-yard presents in the market the new ICE 54, a fast cruiser dedicates to passionate and competent owners that seek enjoyment and strong emotions at the helm. Built with highly innovative materials and advanced construction techniques the ICE 54 is in a league of it’s own in all that regards performance, comfort on board and ability to take on even the tou-ghest conditions at sea.
Excellent for demanding cruisesand regattas. The design is inspired by the shapes of the model ICE 52, with the same qualities that made its a successful boat with more than10 examples but built also with some changes to increase comfort and livability both during navigation and at an-chor. In fact ICE 54 has a freebord increased by 6 cm and a total length increased by 2 feet, that allow the generation of wide interior. Therefore ICE 54 joins the ICE 52 production, enhancing the characteristics of comfort, luxury and habitability. The “scimitar-like” design of the bow and “smiling” carving shape of the stern, trademarks of the shipyard, come from the regatta boat ICE 33, launched in 2014 and real protagonist to all regattas.
The hydrodynamics are nothing less than impressive.
The water lines allow the ICE 54 to glide at very high speeds due to its max beam of 4.65m and the carefully studied appendages also grant the yacht great upwind capabilities: the ICE 54 shows no problem in taking on wind coming from extremely narrow angles.
To guarantee this level of performance are the advanced technologies used in the construction process and the elevated skill of the artisans which have great experience and expertise in their field.This avant-garde project is realized by Felci Yacht Design.


The numbers are impressive… The boat weighs 13 tons, less than the average boat in the same category; has almost 160 m2 of sail surface when going upwind, more than 400 when downwind and great stability thanks to the shape and the weigh/keel ratio.
Hull and deck of the boat are laminated with a sandwich infusion technique using a glass-carbon fiber composite material with an epoxy resin; the carbon structures are rolled in place and using the vacuum system, becoming one with hull and deck.
These choices, in addition to containing the weights, give solidity and strength to the boat, which can support the continuing stress and the strong loads during navigations.
Another strong point is the versatility related to the possible positions of the keel: the owner can choose a lifting keel, which allows him to change the draft from 3,7 meter to 2,3 meter, or a keel which varies from 2,30 meter to 3,2 meter, to adapt ICE 54 to all needs and uses.
These options are related to the optimization of the torpedo’s weight, sized specifically and realized using numerical control.
The fin keel is made of Weldox steel with high characteristics and a lead torpedo also offer the advantage to reduce in percentage the weight of the ballast and therefore to reduce also the boat displacement, for equal righting moment.
The study of the wheel, eventually made of carbon, provides an optimum control in all conditions.
All these characteristics help to keep very high performance in all conditions, both in regatta and in cruise.


Hull and deck are laminated with infusion technique, in sandwich of composite ma-terials using glass-carbon fibers with epoxy resin and PVC foam core with different density and thickness.
The use of 3-step infusion process for ICE52 RS(infusion on the outer skin, vacuum bonded core, infusion on the inner skin) was chosen because it allows to obtain an optimal control of the laminate with a maximum percentage of the final resin equal to 35-40%; therefore, necessary to obtain minimum weight and maximum mechanical properties of the laminate. The localized reinforcements are made with unidirectional and biaxial carbon fibers.
The structures either longitudinal or transverse (bulkheads and floors) are entirely vacuum laminated in epoxy sandwich using glass-carbon fibers and PVC foam cores at various densities. The chainplates of shrouds, forestay and backstay are composite and steel made.

LOA15.80 m
LWL14.84 m
Bmax4.65 m
Draft2.50/2.80 m
DSPL 13.00 t
Ballast5.00 t
EngineVolvo CV 75 Saildrive
Water capacity520 lt
Fuel capacity350 lt
Interiors3 guests- 2 heads
Sail Plan
P20.70 m
IG20.80 m
I sp22.70 m
E 6.90 m
J5.70 m
Main 95 mq
Jib 108& 67 mq
Upwind sail area162 mq
Gennaker Runner310 mq

Construction e Material: Infusione resina epossidica, Sandwich, Vetro/Carbonio
Carbon Mast
Project Felci Yacht Design


The spacious and comfortable interiors offer to the owner the possibility to choose different layouts, several materials and infinite details.
The large spaces of the owner cabin at the bow, make possible the presence of a maxi bed, available on both sides.
We also paid attention in kitchen layout, equipped with a practical island, a big worktop and a standard dishwa-sher. Also air-conditioning system is standard.
The non-conventional layout of the kitchen create a feeling of continuity with the dinette living area. At the stern, volumes allow to realize an extra size bathroom with separated shower, at the service of the two guest cabins.
Wide and bright lacquered surfaces revisit the typical concept of “interior style”, always careful to maximum functionality and to modern essentiality.


A modern kitchen with a big fridge and a kitchen island, equipped with a standard dishwasher. A space careful to details and to aesthetic, not only a functional space but an environment with a great visual impact. A domestic interpretation of the kitchen on a boat.


The main deck reflects simplicity and style, modernity and efficiency, comfort and versatility. These are the strengths typical of Felci’s projects. At the stern there is a big relax area with a direct access to the sea through the tender garage door. This last acts as a beach area and as garage entrance, where is possible to stow a big tender of con-siderable size (2,80 m without inflate it).
The cockpit is characterized by wide seats and comfortable backs. It’s an oversize space which allows comfortable cruises and to give space to a big table. The side large windows enhance the interaction with the outside, making the life aboard more pleasant and bright. The deck equipment, designed to be managed also by a small crew, doesn’t interfere with the boat comfort. The attention for the finishes is impeccable.
High quality components highlight the high standard of the shipyard. All deck details are studied to be ideal for crui-ser life but also to be very efficient during a regatta. These are the characteristics that allowed famous Felci boats to win important offshore racing (ARC Atlantic Rally, Giraglia, Antigua Sailing Week, 500×2).
The mast, also available tall rig version, and the boom are in carbon, laminated in autoclave and provided by leading companies in the sector. The sail plan is characterized by an extremely low overlap genoa, by the absence of flying shrouds and by the shrouds attack placed directly on the hull. We can say that on ICE 54 the owner can find the same space of a few years ago 60 feet.
Thanks to technologies used (lightweight panels) you get a big weight saving compared to a traditional manufactu-ring, all without compromising quality and refinement of carpentry working and details. All systems are extremely complete and of the best brands on the market. The structural tanks are located under the floor to reduce the centre of gravity and to expand the storage and refrigeration of the kitchen.

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