LOA17.99 m
LWL16.80 m
B Max5.20 m
Draft2.85 m
Displacement 17.90 t
Ballast6.10 t
Engine150 CV
Water capacity1000 lt
Fuel capacity650 lt
Interiors3/4 guests- 3 heads
Sail plan
P24,80 m
IG25,00 m
I sp 26,97 m
E7,90 m
J 6,17 m
Main sail130 mq
Genoa 108%90 mq
Gennaker Runner320 mq

Construction e Material: Epoxy infusion, Sandwich, Glass/Carbon
Carbon Mast
Project Felci Yacht Design

As standard: glass-carbon construction and ultralight luxury interiors.

Ice Yachts is ready to introduce the ICE60, after the success of the ICE 52 that since the Genova Boat Show (October 2015) has already sold seven units.

The ICE 60, designed by Umberto Felci together with the boatyard’s team, is a real fast cruiser developed for the most competitive owner, who aims to top performances in regatta and at the same time needs comfort and space while cruising.

The modern lines feature a reverse bow with a carbon bowsprit 1.3 meters long, a Volvo Open 70 inspired stern, which is also a main stroke of the ICE33, the wicked racer launched in 2014  and already on the market with 5 sisters.

Inspired by ICE 62, ICE 82 and our best seller the ICE52, the new ’60 has plenty of space onboard and compared to ICE 62  it has  7% of additional volume!!!

The waterlines, as well as the keel (2,85 meters of draft), are designed to deliver the best performances under sailing power, both sharp angles upwind and planning fast downwind.

Also under engine power you can preceed very fast, over 10 knots cruising speed!!!  The garage can store a fully inflated tender of 3.2 meters, being the biggest of its category. The cockpit features an incredibly comfortable sun lounge area, 3.5meters wide!!!

The high construction technology and the incredible artisan quality evolving to perfection each year by means of the best made in Italy craftsmanship, guarantees top performances that Ice Yachts deliver with each boat.

Hull and deck standard lamination is hybrid carbon-glass fiber, vacuum infused from a female mold. The structures, also infused, are built directly on board. This choice in not only minimizing the weight, but it also improves the overall structural strength and resilience, hence allowing to withstand the high loads experienced under sailing power.

The ICE 60 has a Weldox fin with high mechanical properties and a lead bulb CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined that offer appendices’ weight reduction and improves the righting moment. As a result of a great optimization both close hauled and reaching.

The rudder studied with an innovative program, offers an optimal control of the boat even in the most extreme conditions, making sure safety it is always ICE’s main target.

The deck layout, Felci Yacht Design signature, combines ease and style, elegance and efficiency, comfort and flexibility. The ICE 60 deck layout has been optimized to withstand bigger loads.

The cockpit, featuring wide seats and comfy backseats, is definitely oversize and it allows smart maneuverings even with bigger teams onboard.

The deck design was conceived to deliver the right balance easy handling and high performance during races.

Following this principles, the sailing plan features little to no overlaps between Genoa and Mainsail, has no runners and the shrouds connection is positioned directly on the hull, carbon vacuum infused.

Thanks to the technology adopted to realize the interiors, such as ultra-light panels, the weight reduction is outstanding compared to a traditional construction. This choice does not compromise the carpentry high standards, neither the accuracy for details nor the material’s innovation research.
The first ICE 60 is actually under construction in the newest ICE YACHTS yard in Salvirola, near Crema,
45 km from Milan and will be launched next summer, for a German client.

The interior layout has either 3 or 4 cabins and 2 or 3 bathrooms!!

The ICE’s team is enthusiastic to show and share the high constructive quality of the true Made in Italy and the care for each detail which only a product born from the Italian design and tradition can offer.

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