LOA15,80 m
LWL14,84 m
B Max4,65 m
Draft2,45 / 2,85 m
Displacement12,5 t
Ballast4,6 t
EngineYanmar – Volvo CV 75 Saildrive
Water capacity500 lt
Fuel capacity360 lt
Interiors3 guests- 2 heads
Sail plan
P20,70 m
IG20,80 m
I sp22,70 m
E6,90 m
J5,70 m
Main sail90 mq
Jib67 mq
Gennaker Runner300 mq

Construction e Material: Epoxy infusion, Sandwich, Glass/Carbon
Carbon Mast
Project Felci Yacht Design

The ICE YACHTS shipyard launches the modern classic cruiser-racer ICE 52, made by innovative materials and high manufacturing quality. ICE 52 is a very modern yacht that stands out for performance, comfort on board, and excellence for both cruising and challenging racing. The design of the scimitar bow and the stern fascinating carving shape look like the latest racer ICE 33, which was launched in June 2014 from the same yard, and produced in five exemplars. Besides, it is the most competitive racing boat in its category.

The advanced project is performed by Felci Yacht Design, while the site of production is located in the historical place of Yacht 2000, which holds 30 years of experience in the creation of over 80 prestigious maxi yachts.
The hydrodynamic profile denotes performing water lines and appendages that highlight the ICE 52′s attitude to go up the wind at very close edges and to glide very fast thanks to its max beam of 4,65 m and powerful stern’s sections. Additionally, to ensure these performances, high technologies applied in the construction are combined to the most extraordinary quality of craftsmanship performed by our technicians who have gained experience in many years of activity dedicated to the realization of boats that have written the history of the international sailing.

ICE 52’s data are impressive: 12 tons of displacement, 25% less than the category’s average, almost 140 square meters of canvas to sail close to the wind, approximately 400 square meters to sail downwind, and great safety thanks to the high stability and powerful relationship between weight and ballast.

The hull and deck of the boat are laminated in female samples, employing hybrid glass-carbon fiber with an epoxy infusion technique. The carbon structures are vacuum laminated in place, becoming one with hull and deck. These choices allow restraining the weight, conferring solidity and thickness to the boat, enabling it to sustain several strains even during challenging navigations.

The voluminous and comfortable interiors are offered with a possibility to choose between two dispositions over multiple materials of furniture and unlimited details. Furthermore, its versatility linked to the keel configuration displays an additional strength that offers a lifting and a standard version. The first one reduces the draft from almost 3.7 meters to 2.3 meters, while the second one enables to adapt ICE 52 to all the demands and usages. Ultimately, these options are related to the optimization of the weight of the torpedo, which is specifically dimensioned and realized with numerical control.

The high-quality fin is made of Weldox steel and a lead torpedo milled with numerical control that offer the advantage to reduce the ballast’s weight and, therefore, the boat’s total displacement with the same righting moment. All this allows maintaining very high standards in all conditions, both in racing and cruising, sailing, or motoring.

The rudder is designed to allow impressive control even when the boat is heeling or subjected to large aerodynamic loads. The theme of safety, central both in design and construction, represents a primary focus for ICE YACHTS.

The deck reflects the general lines of Felci Yacht Design projects, combining simplicity and style, modernity and efficiency, comfort and versatility.

At the stern of the wheelhouses, there is a spacious, relaxing area, with direct access to the sea through the functional opening stern that operates as a beach and as the entrance to the garage, where it is possible to stow the tender of important dimensions (2.70mt without deflating it).

The cockpit, characterized by wide benches and comfortable paramare backrests, is oversize. In addition to a protected, comfortable sailing, it gives space to a large dining table. Besides, the possibility to raise the level of the dinette’s dunnage, bringing it closer to that of the cockpit, facilitates the entrance and, thanks to the large frontal side windows, enhances the interaction with the external environment, making life on board more pleasant and bright.

The deck equipment, designed to be the best in regattas, never interferes with the boat’s comfort, and it is ensured by impeccable finishes and bright and particularly welcoming interiors. The boat is equipped with an electrically furling jib system, positioned under the deck, and an anchor locker to fix the gennaker. Lastly, high-quality components that denote the extraordinary standard proposed by the shipyard, such as the manhole flush, the opening transom, the dodger with flush deckhouse recess, the locker at the foot of the cockpit not to show the halyards, and the raft locker dedicated, are included in the supply.

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