The shipyard ICE YACHTS presents itself on the market with a brand-new product, the ICE 70rs, a racer version of the already fast ICE 70.This represents an even more satisfying and faster version of the already very fast ICE 70, the real bestseller of the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, which winks at owners looking for an important boat suitable for fast cruises and to navigate successfully betweenthe challenging buoys of the Rolex Cup regattas.

The ICE 70rs, developed directly by Umberto Felci’s studio together with the shipyard’s technical staff, is a true fast cruiser of the highest quality, with incredible exploitation of space, a beautiful line, and highly innovative modern interior design. Consequently, the guests are put in the foreground, giving the owner a suite worthy of thename and providing a crew accommodation different from the usual loculus.

Modern design: we are talking about the straight bow inverted (scimitar) with delphiniera made of carbon 1.9m longand stern in Volvo Open 70 style. This is the older brother and the natural development of the ICE 52, another bestseller ofIce Yachts with over 18 units produced to date.

On a hydrodynamic level: the water lines and the appendages are this time characterized by a variable draught thanks to the lifting keel with Cariboni hydraulics that provides a draft from 2.80 meters to about 4.40m and are designed to achieve great performances. With impressive results that highlight the attitude of ICE 70rs, it is able to climb the wind at tight angles and to glide very fast to the bearing gaits by engine, thanks to its 200 horses and the correct disengagement, it reaches and exceeds 11 knots at cruising speed! Besides, with 8 knots in upwind sailing,it reaches 10.2 knots! What else to say?

To ensure these performances are added the high technologies used in the construction and the incredible quality ofthe craftsmanship of the highest quality performed by technicians who use an experience gained in many years of activity dedicated to the realization of boats that have written the history of sailing.

The shell and the deck are laminated in infusion from female mold using carbon fibers; the structuresalways in carbon are laminated in place and also made in infusion, becoming one with hull and deck, eliminating creaks and noises. In addition to the classic gluing, the deck is bonded to the hull as well as all the bulkheads, creating a monolithic and very rigid structure. These choices, in addition to containing the weights, give the boat a solidity and strength able to withstand repeated stresses and heavy loads that are faced even in the most challenging conditions.Moreover, among the many services on board, there are structural carbon tanks for liquids under the flooring of the dinette,super soundproof engine room with double seals on the doors etc.

Lunghezzaz FT21.30 m
Lunghezza al gal.19.80 m
Baglio massimo5.76 m
Pescaggioda 2.80m a 4.40 m
Dislocamento27.20 t
Zavorra8.10 t
Motore195/230 hp
Serbatoio acqua1100 l
Serbatoio gasolio1200 l
Piano velico
Randa + fiocco295 mq
Gennaker390 mq

Costruzione e Materiali: Infusione resina epossidica, Sandwich, Vetro/Carbonio
Albero: Carbonio
Project Felci Yacht Design

ICE 70rs is equipped with a fin with high mechanical characteristics and a lead torpedo milled with numerical control that offer the advantage of reducing the weight of the ballast and, therefore, the total displacement of the boat with the same righting moment.Thanks to the increased bulb as well, it is possible to reduce in a very consistent way the heeling in navigation and the rolling when stationary in the roadstead.

Therefore, there is great power in the gaits in which this is fundamental and minimum displacement in the gaits in whichthis represents a brake, as the carrying gaits and motor navigation, for instance.All this allows maintaining very high averages in all conditions, both in regatta and in cruise, sailing, or motoring.

The rudder with shaft forged in autoclave at 7 bar and 145 degrees and carbon blade is studied and designed with cutting-edge technologies allows an impressive control even when the boat is heeling or subjected to heavy aerodynamic loads, always keeping clear the attention to safety, central to both design and construction.The deck is completely in carbon with one-step infusion and epoxy resin, specifically dedicated to sporty owners. This reflects the general lines of Felci Yacht Design projects, combining simplicity and style, elegance and efficiency, comfort and versatility. The cockpit, characterized by large benches and comfortable paramare backrests, is definitely oversize and allows maximum mobility for large crews.

The large garage, a record in its category and almost at the level of that of an 80 footer, is designed to hold an inflated tender of 3.8 meters!
In the garage, two electric winches are provided for the opening of the door and the movement of the tender, always in the pursuit of comfort and ease of use.

Moreover, there are many details that highlight how the study of the deck was conducted in search of a synthesis between an ideal deck for a relaxed cruise life and that full of marine life and efficiency, necessary during long-distance navigation or regatta.

Thanks to the technologies used for the realization of the interiors, such as the use of lightened panels, a considerable saving of weight is obtained compared to a traditional realization, without renouncing to the quality of the carpentry work, both in the refinement of finishes and in the excellence of details. The interiors are foreseen in the version with 4 cabins, 3 bathrooms, and a large open kitchen.

The standard carbon rigging is equipped with a park avenue boom that is very useful to simplify things further both during navigation and when you are about to reduce or lower the sails.

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